McDonald’s Vision Statement & Mission Statement Analysis

McDonald’s vision statement and mission statement case study and analysis
A McDonald’s in Santa Clara, California. McDonald’s vision statement and mission statement are comprehensive, although some adjustments could improve their relevance. (Photo: Public Domain)

McDonald’s Corporation’s mission statement and vision statement are guides for the company’s leadership in the global fast food restaurant industry. Founded in 1940 and established as McDonald’s Corporation in 1955, the firm follows its mission statement to design and develop its goods and services. On the other hand, McDonald’s follows its vision statement to continue its top position in the global fast food restaurant market. With more than 36,000 locations worldwide, McDonald’s shows resilience and success through innovation and aggressive marketing. McDonald’s success is an indicator of business effectiveness in attaining the aims in its mission statement and vision statement.

McDonald’s mission statement guides the company’s strategies and strategic objectives for developing business operations. McDonald’s vision statement guides the company’s overall strategic direction toward its current leadership position in the global fast food restaurant market.

McDonald’s Vision Statement

McDonald’s vision statement is as follows: “Our overall vision is for McDonald’s to become a modern, progressive burger company delivering a contemporary customer experience. Modern is about getting the brand to where we need to be today and progressive is about doing what it takes to be the McDonald’s our customers will expect tomorrow. To realize this commitment, we are focused on delivering great tasting, high-quality food to our customers and providing a world-class experience that makes them feel welcome and valued.

McDonald’s vision statement covers a number of business aspects. The company implies innovation to satisfy current market needs, as stated in the “contemporary customer experience” component of the vision statement. Also, McDonald’s characterizes its products in the “great-tasting, high-quality food” component of the vision statement. In saying “modern, progressive” McDonald’s shows that its vision statement defines the kind of business approach it uses for organizational development. A strategic objective linked to this vision statement is the innovation of McDonald’s goods and services to match consumer preferences and expectations.

McDonald’s Mission Statement

McDonald’s mission statement is officially stated as follows: “Our mission is to be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat & drink. We’re dedicated to being a great place for our people to work; to being a strong, positive presence in your community; and to delivering the quality, service, cleanliness and value our customers have come to expect from the Golden Arches – a symbol that’s trusted around the world.

In its mission statement, McDonald’s includes details about its market position, as shown in the “favorite place and way to eat & drink” component. Also, the human resource management approach is highlighted in the “great place for our people to work” component. In addition, McDonald’s mission statement covers its corporate social responsibility position in the “positive presence in your community” part. The rest of the mission statement indicates McDonald’s brand image and the character of its products. A strategic objective based on this mission statement is global brand development to strengthen the company’s ability to attract customers and investors. A related financial objective based on McDonald’s mission statement is cost minimization to optimize value.

McDonald’s Mission & Vision Statements – Recommendations

McDonald’s vision statement reflects the overall strategic direction of the company. The different aspects of the business are covered and characterized in the vision statement. Thus, McDonald’s comprehensively states what it wants to achieve, making the vision statement satisfactory. A satisfactory vision statement helps unify the aims in the different areas of the organization.

McDonald’s mission statement is also comprehensive. For instance, the aspects of human resource management and corporate social responsibility are included in the mission statement. However, a point of interest is the aspect of innovation. For example, how does McDonald’s ensure that it addresses consumers’ expectations? Thus, it is better to include innovation in the mission statement, as well. McDonald’s mission statement can specify research-based or technology-based product innovation as a general approach to ensure customer satisfaction. Through this additional detail, the mission statement could be more relevant to McDonald’s business condition, which actually involves product innovation.

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